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A rare but beautiful sight


One of the increasingly rare hexapod species of Dirt, the Molan is similar in size to a small horse though many have remarked that it walks and behaves a little more like a dog or even a large cat.

Like many of the larger hexapods, it shares certain similarities with both Dragons and Callistons - the head shape shows similarities, though it has no crest, and it has a long, thick tail. 

At its largest, the male can grow to around five feet at the shoulder.  It has a similar intelligence to a cow, but it is a vegetarian, living on a mixture of grasses, some roots and fruit.

The Molan has two four-fingered hands that it uses to dig for roots and pick fruit from low-hanging branches or berry bushes.

It's natural habitat is deciduous, low-lying woodlands.  Molan live in small herds similar to some deer, led by an alpha female. 

They have been heavily hunted to near extinction for both their meat and their hides which are tanned into soft leather.  

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