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Originally called the Orl-Earde, the West Land, Bind sits to the east of the Yonder Sea.

Bind If ever a land has proven to be ungovernable, then it is the continent most commonly called Bind.  

This vast land, the largest habitable continent on Dirt, includes vast regions that are not suitable for large populations but have, over the millennia, produced many and variable warring tribal groups that have been a continuous enemy to any that would seek to govern the more fertile central and northern areas.  Even the feared Haften Empire of old, though it ruled for thousands of years, never managed to subdue the peoples of the Eastern Plains, fragmented and spread out though they are.

Though the land is home to the largest single forest on Dirt, the Weld Ormete Nord (Great North Forest),  and the north of the region known as Bekon has regions that are well forested, generally much of the land is an open, rolling landscape or harsh, unrelenting scrubland, especially in the south and southeast. 

The continent is rich in mineral resources, especially in the Iron Mountains to the west and the Central Ridge including the Black Hills. However, the largest deposits of both coal and iron are along the North Hoar Ridge and especially the Caut Range.  Unlike Dwy-Earde, the ridge here runs a little further south which has made it more accessible to mining operations, particularly in the summer months.

The continent is home to the three largest deserts on Dirt; the Ko-halla desert on the Eastern Plains to the north of the town of An-Hellern, the region known as Jerr-Vone, a cold desert to the north-west and the Cape Desert, the completely uninhabited area running down to Cape Hope, in the far south-west.

The continent is divided into thirteen regions, governance of which has not always been clear.  Over the thousands of years, these have sometimes been governed as single countries, but at other times have been subdivided into smaller countries. The current regions are named: Jerr-Vone, Coldor, Wessen, Great Plains, Bekon, Epinod, Cosenta, Desson, Eastern plains, Hendesse, Meressa, Peys and South Homeland.

To the south-east lies the large island of Hope, often thought to be the most beautiful island on Dirt.

The origins of the name Bind are unclear, but the name was used by the earliest incarnation of the Haften dynasties.


The most populated and fertile area of Bind, Bekon lies in the northern half of the continent and includes the regions of Hertenesse and Tharkenss and the Black Hills.


Often thought of as the driest place on Dirt, Jerr-Vone is, surprisingly, in the northwest of Orl-Earde, to the west of Bekon.

The Eastern Plains

The largest defined area of Orl-Earde (Bind), the Eastern Plains has a long and difficult history

The Isle of Hope

Set of the south coast of Orl-Earde, this large and beautiful island is bathed in the warm current from the Missing Sea. However, it has spent much of its history unpopulated.

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This section includes discussions on some of the countries and regions in Bind where some details are known. 

Not everywhere is covered.