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Dirt - The Story Starts Here

Dirt - Third Edition

And so begins the saga...

"Wow, what a story! Sensible Dragons! Check it out! Amazing!" - Grant Leishman
"Well-written, fabulous dialogue, inspiring and creatively mesmerizing" - Tome Tender

(Now available as an audiobook)

Johnson Farthing is a tall, strong, nineteen-year-old who has been pushing a cart around the coastal town of Wead-Wodder since he was young and he and his sister and were orphaned.  Poverty and shifting other people's dirt is just about his entire life, aside from his sister Rustina.  Beer is a luxury and so has eating been at times. They are about as poor as you can get and still have a roof.  His current job is much like all the rest of his jobs have been over the years; he is digging a hole.

"I told Truk you would be slacking off the minute he turned his back," shouted the old fool, Barkles, who sold greasy vegetable pasties from a dusty stall on the corner.  "Young people can't be trusted, I told him.  I was right too."

"Shut your face, Barkles," Johnson shouted back as he grabbed his coat from his handcart and put it around his shoulders to ward off a faint chill in the sea breeze.  "I have been down that hole every day non-stop for nine days, and you know it too since you have been feeding me your disgusting pies for most of them."

"Pastries, slacker.  Not Pies; Pastries."

"I thought pastries were just posh pies?"

“Can be.”

"Well, yours ain't posh.  So they are definitely just pies."

"Ain't seen you complaining!"

When Farthing wakes the following day to find his sister has gone missing from the Prelate's Palace where she works as the lowliest of maids,  and might have been kidnapped by slavers along with the Prelate's daughter, his life turns completely upside down.

Now he has to race across the great Prelate's Sea and the continent of Bind in the company of a beautiful Sea Dragon, Fren-Eirol, and a so-called Finder with the ridiculous name of Weasel.

Johnson Farthing is young, he is strong, he is angry, and he is completely out of his depth.  Will his natural humour, his strength and determination be enough to find and rescue his sister and the Prelate's Daughter, Precious Hearting?  And even if he succeeds, is he truly prepared for what he and his friends will have to face as their world crashes down around them?

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Paperback length: 370 pages
Number of words: 166,000 appx
Asin: B0178HJUY4
ISBN (amazon): 1517265150

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