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Edver Kellin

Following the death of his elder brother, Edver became heir to the thrown of Hertenesse. A serious young man, he was much involved with his farther's wishes to see the end of the feudal system that had been in place for generations of his family.

After the sad death of his sister Geniva, he and his younger brother Hal became very much closer and, with their friend Nolenn, often talked about the future of the country and whether the monarchy should end with Edver.

However, to dream was one thing, but the reality was different. Over the years, some of the neighbouring countries, especially Calon and Tulinor had disintegrated into near anarchy, and were ruled by various short-lived kings who fought for the right to rule in bloody feuds. It seemed to Edver that the monarchy would have to continue in some way just to ensure stability of the central country.

Open if you have read "Girls of Dirt"

The return of the dragons and the defeat of a mercenary force from Calon, brought new hope.

Using the dragon's influence, Edver was able to build tentative alliances with neighbouring countries and help the people of Tulinor and Calon to rebuild after the people overthrew their corrupt rulers. He was now able at last to contemplate abdication once more and forever break the link between his family and the kingdom.

Open if you have read "People of Dirt"

Following the defeat of the True Path and the Categans in Preland, Edver once more worked to solidify alliances in Bind.

In many ways it was a thankless task, and though he lived for many years, he admitted to being disappointed with the progress and felt it would take several generations before the majority of the country could be called stable or the people freed from the chains of poverty.

Encouraged by his wife, he eventually retired from his office as representative of the Cwendrina in Bind, and moved to a small estate near Len Hoe in Gornenshire where his son owned a small vineyard. 


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Character Details
  • Name: Edver Kellin
  • Pron: ed-vər
  • Skill: King
  • People: Human
  • First Appearance: Girls of Dirt
  • Age at time: 40s
  • Location: Hertenesse