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Other Major Features

Dirt has a relatively small amount of land compared to ocean, but it is home to several features outside of the two largest continents that are of interest.

There are three major seas, though only two are clearly defined.  The Yonder Sea, once known as The Prelate's Sea, lies between the eastern coast of The Prelates and the western coast of Bind and stretches down from the land bridge where two continents meet at Ice Lands to a badly described line running from Cape Hope in Bind to the south of The Prelates.

The Southern Ocean is a little explored ocean that runs from the southern line of the Yonder Sea to Hoar South with no clearly defined east and west limits.

The Missing Sea is the vast, unexplored ocean between the eastern coast of Bind and the western coast of The Prelates.  Since it is unmapped, most navigators assume that it's southern limit is with Hoar South.

The two poles, hoar north and hoar south are extensive; Hoar North is believed to be one large, frozen continental mass, while Hoar South is supposed to be much smaller, mainly consisting of frozen sea.

Within these oceans are several well known islands and countless others.  What islands may be in the Missing Sea is pure speculation.


Often thought of as a myth in more recent times, Angyn is the lost name of the supposed third continent possibly located in the Missing Sea

Hoar North

The frozen north of Dirt is an inhospitable land which is little known. Only the edges of the region are ever visited by hunters.

Hoar South

Very little is known about the south polar region of Dirt and it is not connected to any other land mass

The Isle of Taken

Also known as Gydaynis, this small mountainous isle is situated near dead centre in the Yonder Sea and is surrounded by some of the more difficult waters on Dirt.

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