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Sublty is certainly not Be-Elin's strong point.

Be-ElinBe-Elin, one of the Draig yr Anialr, was born and brought up in Ponack, The Sand Hills, as part of the dragon and rider community. Smaller than some of her contemporaries, she was quick to learn to fly and was both fast and possessed of extraordinary stamina. 

Highly intelligent, even at a young age she became second with Bren-Etan to Be-Inua and frequently led squads of dragons and humans out into the Eastern Plains to help protect the migrating Pharsil-Hin. However, she had an instinctive dislike for fighting and was known for taking herself away after battles, or for joking to cover up her unease. 

Draig yr Anialr are known for their irreverent sense of humour and love of play, but Be-Elin certainly took this to levels that could leave even her Desert Dragon comrades wincing in embarrassment. 

She never paired with another dragon (most dragons do not) and did not have children, but she was famous for her many affairs and constant flirting.

But despite her sometimes silly nature, she was a thoughtful, caring dragon who privately wrote beautiful poetry and took her duties very seriously. 

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Desert Dragons are cautious when taking riders and will often work with many humans before they choose one to pair with. However, for reasons that she never explained, Be-Elin chose Johnson Farthing as her rider after just one flight.  It was often a story told in jest, but she became fiercely loyal to the young man.

Her injuries sustained when rescuing Farthing from Belin Tekkinmod's hall, were most grievous and it has surprised many that she survived them. Although under the care of Lilygwin, a noted healer, and of Mab-Tok, it has been speculated that the Black Dragon Bell-Sendinar had some influence over the recovery of both Be-Elin and Fren-Eirol.


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Character Details
  • Name: Be-Elin
  • Pron: bay-AY-lin
  • People: Draig yr Anialr
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 70
  • Location: Ponack