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Over the millennia Dirt has, perhaps, not developed as fast as one might have expected.  It can be a dry world at times with large areas, especially in the south, prone to droughts while the north can, at very rare times, suffer debilitating winters.  Under the subjugation of the huge empires such as the Haften Empire and the Heinela Cwendrin, some cultural and inventive progression has flourished, but when these greed and lust driven empires have collapsed, the populations have often fragmented into small, sometimes isolationist countries and anything positive from the old has been forgotten.  Indeed, sometimes society has regressed.

In consequence, society and culture of the now is little different from that of twelve millennia past and this writer sees little opportunity for change, even in these more peaceful times. 



About languages used by the peoples of Dirt.

Magic and Science

There is much debate as to what constitutes something that is real and what is mystical or magical. Some of the issues are addressed here.

Politics and Empires

The people of Dirt have been subjected to autocratic rule from countless regimes, small and large, for millenia


A look at the various religions that have emerged over the millennia.


How the people of Dirt live, what they do and how they survive

Recent Articles

Dragon Riders of Ponack

In ancient history, dragons would often carry humans, but only in one culture was it common for a dragon to take a person as a rider; Ponack.

What is a Magician?

Magicians on Dirt are often treated as cheats and charlatans, and often rightly, but those that do have skills are often a puzzle.

The Nature of Magic

A discussion about magic and how it relates to the people of Dirt. Does it exist?

The Heinela

One of the oldest dynasties, the Heinela was a feudal dynasty united under a monarch selected from one of Twelve Families. Later became the Heinela Cwendrin

The Haften Empire

The first of the continent spanning empires was built around a council started by two warring families.

Church of the True

The first of the formalised religions of Dirt where behaviour was an important part of the belief system


The most ancient of known organised beliefs, Oelcraeft was a shared religion that was embraced by both dragons and humans

The Prelature

The political and religious forum behind the system of Prelatehoods

Pronunciation Guide

Basic phonetics to help you with understanding the pronunciation of certain words and names in Dirt.

The Languages of Dirt

An essay on the languages of Dirt and their origins


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