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AngynOften thought of as a myth in more recent times, Angyn is the lost name of the supposed third continent possibly located in the Missing Sea.  

The stories of the Third Continent, have persisted for several thousand years in dragon society, though it has featured far less in human culture.

Some of the stories refer to the Third Continent in a spiritual context as a world to be travelled to after death. These beliefs, though not deeply ingrained, tend to see the Third Continent as to the east of bind, towards the rising sun.

Angyn is the smallest of the three habitable continents and is thought to be around three hundred leagues west to east and two hundred north to south. Sitting on the equator, it is a very warm land but it has a good level of rainfall and away from the coasts is a generally fertile land.

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The revelation of the existence of The Third Continent by the Black Dragons at the Abbey during Farthing's lifetime changed the perception of the world for both Humans and Dragons. 

Although it was unlikely that humans would ever be able to travel to Angyn without the aid of the black dragons, and therefore never more than a handful, for the dragons it gave hope that there was a place for them that would not be affected by the politics that were ripping the other continents apart.

Of more immediate importance, it was free of the devastating disease that was killing so many of the draig.

The Ordinan Lake sits in the very middle of Angyn. It is a large body of water some fifty leagues east to west and although it is a freshwater lake, it is regarded as a small sea by many. It is surrounded by the Draig-Uffer Plain, a vast area of gently rolling hills and grasslands, rich in wildlife.

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The dragon communities on Angyn are much more mixed than they were on the other side of the world. Indeed, it is very rare to find a village that has only one of the dragon peoples. 

There are no large towns in Angyn and no political structure, though some dragons have taken to travelling extensively, making sure news is passed around the various communities. Biel-Deieler, the Draig Awyr, was well known by many communities and played an instrumental role in welcoming dragons escaping from Bind and The Prelates and in their return.

One unusual community was the loose group of dragons that lived near to Mistry's cottage. At this time, Mistry was the only human living on Angyn. The mixed population was made up almost entirely by dragons who had escaped the disease and included dragons such as Be-Elin, Mab-Abin, Mab-Tok and others. Closer to the coast was a small community of mostly Sea Dragons including Fren-Eirol, thought their village elder was the red dragon Bren-Hevvin, one of the largest dragons on Dirt. When the dragons returned to Bind and Preland, as it was now called, many of the young of this village travelled to Preland, including Be-Rosenna who would become friends with Agetha.


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