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Mab-Abin the DragonMab-Abin, brother of Be-Elin, was the more serious of the brother and sister dragon team. In a culture where family ties are not strong, Mab-Abin and Be-Elin were always very close.

Younger by twenty years, Mab-Abin spent much of his young life as a lone scout working without a rider, especially over Wessen and above the North Hoar Ridge. He was larger than his sister and was known for his exceptional strength. Although not as fast as dragons like Mab-Onin and Mab-Intuan (Sir Dragon), Mab-Abin was quicker than many of his kind.

Mab-Abin is unusual in that he was ordered to abandon his rider. This had not happened in living memory, and he carried the scars of those times throughout his life.

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He was introduced to Pree after her enforced exile on the Isle of Hope. 

The two were very close, possibly as close as Mistry had been to Mab-Onin, and during the latter stages of the war, he became Pree's closest confident after Johnson Farthing.

After Farthing ordered Be-Elin and Mab-Abin to fly to Angyn, the two travelled extensively through Bind, tracking down any remaining dragon communities and working closely with Ber Sonnel, the landlord of the Red Dragon Inn in Fallen Hills, South Homeland, who was still making the tonic used to reduce pain in dying dragons.

As a consequence, Mab-Abin did not know about Pree's death until later when Fren-Eirol brought the news to Angyn. It has been said that he was devastated and took himself into the mountains for more than a year to live on his own.

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Dragon Training

Mab-Abin lived on Angyn for five hundred years, living with his sister in the small community of dragons who had been involved with the wars.

His prowess as a flyer was well noted, and he spent much of his life travelling around Angyn mentoring young dragons who were taking their first flights. Almost all of the first dragons to return to Bind and Preland were mentored by him and then later trained by Mab-Intuan and Be-Elin.

Although flying is natural for a dragon, some can find the process frustrating, particularly if they are either very early flyers or late flyers. Mab-Abin specialised in working with dragons who could fly in their teen years, which is extremely rare; he like Be-Elin had also been an early flyer. Dragons who are able to fly that young are very prone to muscle and tendon damage and are more likely to break a wing if they fall, so mentoring can be very important to this small group.

When he returned to Preland with his sister, he was tasked in taking the Ancient Eiferra as a rider. Initially, he found this a difficult experience. Although Pree had died centuries before, he was wary of building such a close human relationship again. That Eiferra was an Ancient made this more difficult. However, they would eventually grow very close to each other and some remarked that their relationship was similar to the relationship between Eafa and Fren-Eirol many centuries earlier.

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Character Details
  • Name: Mab-Abin
  • Pron: mab-A-bin
  • People: Draig yr Anialr
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 50
  • Location: Ponack