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The many faces of Dirt

To say that the many people of Dirt, both dragon and human, are multitudinous and eclectic would be to try and define a field from one single blade of grass.

The history and narrative of the world as researched here in the library has demonstrated that even those that pass by the door of the tale have been noted and remembered, so as much as possible, I have tried to mention them here also, at least in passing.

It has  been difficult to collate some of the entries since it is not always known whether or not a person has a surname or first name, or even whether they use any sort of family name at all.  Dragons, for instance, do not have family names.  

All people are therefore collated by their full name where known.  So Belin Tekkinmod is filed under B and Johnson Farthing is filed under J, even though both are more often known by their last names.  However, Biggerman is filed under B, even though this is his surname, simply because I have found no record of his first name.

The full list is long and may take time to compile, but I have listed below some of the more noteworthy that are linked to a fuller page.

Johnson Farthing

Born in Wead-Wodder, Redust,  Farthing was orphaned as a young teenager and earned money shifting other people's dirt.  As an army leader, his skills were often attributed to his lowly origins and his appreciation of anyone, from whatever background.

Rustina Farthing

Rusty, as she was more often known, was a maid at Prelate Hearting's palace in Wead-Wodder. Strong of nature and highly organised, she and her brother Farthing survived when many other orphans would have lived on the street.


Eafa, as he is more properly called, has no qualms in challenging anyone or anything.  He is renowned for presenting a list of almost impossibly bad alternatives and forcing a person to choose one as a way of confronting their fears.  Magician's Choice is a phrase attributed to him.


Precious Hearting was born of privilege but rejected her father's ideology at an early age.  However, she frequently admitted to enjoying her bottomless purse as a youth and felt that to say she hated the luxury would be dishonest and unbelievable.


Dragons are not known for strong motherly instincts, as a rule, but a few are exceptions.  Fren-Eirol was one such and her strength and ability to love unconditionally was a comfort to some even though it was a source of much pain for herself.


There is an adage that dragons are incapable of lying.  Though not strictly true, the idea of a complete bald-faced lie is often alien to them and they are easily caught out.  Mab-Tok appears to have been a complete exception to the rule, to the annoyance of many.


A most unusual dragon is the general consensus.  Lily is a small, beautiful Draig Wen who decides to leave the relationship with Bell-Sendinar and travel with Mab-Tok and his friends across Bind. A healer and sometimes almost magical.

Mistry Jinx

Born in Tharkness in the shadow of the Black Hills on Bind, Mistry farmed and drove a wagon and team from the age of ten. Estranged from her elder brothers, she and her father took on a long trading journey every year right across the continent.

Silvi Farthing

A distant descendant of Johnson Farthing, Silvi was born on the Isle of Hope five hundred years later, and was both a goat breeder and cheese maker. Only seventeen, Silvi became one of the most influential leaders in Dirt's history.


Eiferra was born in Gornenshire, the daughter of Weasel and Elena. When she was young she could not pronounce her name and called herself Ferret. She kept the name through the many centuries of her life. Like her father, Ferret was an Ancient.


Be-Elin was born in Ponack in the Sand Hills and was a Draig yr Anialr. Famous for her irreverent sense of humour and short temper, she was famously loyal to her rider, Johnson Farthing, and regarded as one of the best fighting dragons.


Brother of Be-Elin, Mab-Abin is a powerful desert dragon who took Pree as his rider. He is noted for his serious temperament and thoughtfulness.

In their own words

There is not a huge tradition of keeping journals and diaries in the lands of Dirt, but some have recorded some details of their lives and others have noted conversations they have had with some notable characters.

As we discover such writing we will, of course, publish it here. 


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To make things a little easier, I have sorted the people of Dirt alphabetically.  Simply click on the subcategories below.

I will also filter them by other criteria in due course.

Characters are sorted by the name by which they are most commonly known.

Sidebar Details

Where characters have additional information about them, certain basic facts will appear in the sidebar:

Name: The name by which they are commonly known

Pron: How to pronounce their name - see the pronunciation guide.

Skill: Their job, if known.

People: Which peoples of dirt they belong to; human, Draig Morglas, etc.

First Appearance:  Which book they first appear in

Age at time:  How old they were when we first met them

Location: Where they are from or where we first met them, depending on circumstance and importance.