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The Dragon and his Rider - Chapter One

Free chapter oneGaila was the daughter of the ruler of Redust, Baron de Harney of Wead-Wodder, in series two of Dirt. During the wars, she was paired up with Mab-Kirn.

This book, when I write it, will tell the story of these two incredible friends. Although it is set following the events of series two, it will be a stand-alone tale with only a few references to people in the other books. If you haven't read them, it won't matter!

To get you going, here is chapter one. It is a complete story in its own right, as all the stories will be, and tells of the pair's first adventure as Gaila recovers from illness following the wars. As we meet them we find out that they are broke, which may well prove to be a running theme throughout the whole book.

In this chapter, they take on the job to find a runaway princess for the king of Arendon.

You can download the mobi (kindle) file here.