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Warning:  This section of the Abbey will have more spoilers than others!

(Please read the Authors Notes in the sidebar)

If there is one common thread that runs through more or less every history ever written of our world of Dirt it is the amount presented as truth that is quite spectacularly wrong.

There may be many reasons that can explain such errata presented as fact from the writing that is politically expedient, or at least life saving to the simply lying for the fun of it.  However, the most common problem appears to be bad or mistaken research or sometimes making assumptions that do not stand up to scrutiny, if such scrutiny is made.

With that warning, I have to be honest and say that the history presented here cannot necessarily be said to be the final say, or even that accurate.

In consequence, I have made the decision to not just present that facts as I perceive them now, but also represent some of the fictions that were perceived to be correct at the time.

In times that come long after mine, it may well be that some of the longest lived of our land look back and note that even what is here is wrong, and will put forward yet another theory.


Letters and Documents

Although literacy is low amongst humans, many do write and exchange letters or make notes. The few that have been found are recorded here

Natural History

Information about dragons, humans, other creatures and the natural environment.

Recent Articles

Poem to the Draig yr Anialr

A poem to the great Desert Dragon who has little tolerance for injustice. From on high, they see no borders, only those within the hearts of humans.


So little seen in Bind, the small, Molan is a hexapod that share some similarities with both a horse and a dog


The ubiquitous goat is vital for both food and trade to many communities across the two largest continents of Dirt


A look at the world of Dirt before twelve thousand years in the past

Pree's letter to Farthing

The letter Pree wrote to Farthing telling him of the place she had been staying

The Rare Calliston

Once the common face of the great farmer, the huge Calliston has been in decline for millennia

Oothen and Rathen

The six legged Oothen, or Rathen in the prelates, is a huge oxen like beast that is popular with some farmers and wagoneers.

Herbs and other Medicaments

Herbal lore is vital for survival on Dirt with all species and those who have such knowledge are much sort after.

The Dirt Novels

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The History Section of the Abbey includes various essays that discuss the times before the events involving Johnson Farthing.

The earliest of the verifiable events date back some twelve thousand years earlier, however, there will also be some discussion of what could be called prehistory.