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Although the people of Dirt do breed pigs, cattle and sheep, the various breeds of goat is a vital part of small community life.

These tough animals can survive places where other domesticated creatures would struggle, especially in the drier parts of Dirt in southern Bind and the southernmost states of the Prelates.

Two main varieties are popular; the large, traditional farmyard goat is common farther north, but the small, tough, black-faced mountain goat is more popular in the south and in mountainous regions. 

Goats are used primarily for milk and dairy products, but they are also used for their meat.  The larger varieties are normally reserved for stews and pies as their meat is generally tougher and stronger flavoured, but the small varieties are much favoured as a roasting meat as they are more tender and the meat is sweeter and fattier.

Cheese from Goat's milk is much prized both as a hard cheese and small, round soft cheeses.  The Cheese called Toothen, produced in north Bekon, is an aged, hard cheese that is famed for lasting months.  The more mature Toothen is very hard to bite, but is excellent toasted. It is an easy product to produce and is a vital source of nutrients for poor communities where meat is sometimes prohibitively expensive.

The small, round, soft goats cheeses, often ripened with a firm rind and a milky centre, are very popular but do not last very well.  A popular way of serving these small delicacies in taverns is to split one open at the top, push in slices of red onion and garlic, roast until runny and serve with fresh bread. They are also very good torn up in chunks and stirred into bean stews just before eating.

Goat breeding and cheese making is a little bit of a tradition among several famous characters in history, most especially Mistry and Silvi.

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