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Natural History

The flora and fauna of Dirt is as diverse as it is confusing and is the centre of many arguments, not just of a biological nature but of regarding religion and politics.

By far the most numerous of animals are those that are four limbed in some way.  This includes animals such as horses, people such as Humans and all of the birds.

However, there are a substantial grouping which are six limbed. This group includes famously the Dragons and the Oothen (or Rathen), some small dear like creatures and even some rodents.

This variation causes issues for those who believe that all life on Dirt has a common ancestry, but are at a loss to understand why there should be two quite distinctive groups.  Sadly these arguments have spilled over into political and religious beliefs and have been the cause of much bigotry and racism. 


The ubiquitous goat is vital for both food and trade to many communities across the two largest continents of Dirt

Herbs and other Medicaments

Herbal lore is vital for survival on Dirt with all species and those who have such knowledge are much sort after.


So little seen in Bind, the small, Molan is a hexapod that share some similarities with both a horse and a dog

Oothen and Rathen

The six legged Oothen, or Rathen in the prelates, is a huge oxen like beast that is popular with some farmers and wagoneers.

The Draig or Dragons

The history and origins of the Draig, plus their various Peoples, from Great to small.

The Rare Calliston

Once the common face of the great farmer, the huge Calliston has been in decline for millennia

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