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The vast majority of people on the two main continents of Dirt speak Adelan, a common tongue that has been in existence for thousands of years in one form or another.

Dragons and Callistons speak their own language, though it has a lot in common with Adelan.

The written version of the two languages are very different, however, with Adelan using lettering and the dragons using a pictorial script.

It is important to note that illiteracy, especially amongst humans, is very high, probably seventy or eighty percent of the population and in consequence, there has been little or no formalisation of language and it remains a mostly oral tradition.

Pronunciation Guide

Basic phonetics to help you with understanding the pronunciation of certain words and names in Dirt.

The Languages of Dirt

An essay on the languages of Dirt and their origins

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On this site and in the books, Adelan is presented as English, or a translation, if you will.

Consequently, idiomatic english is used in place of the equivalent idiomatic Adelan, including any expletives.

Some words, especially names, are not translatable, so are presented as is.