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Hoar South

Hoar South is the southern pole of Dirt.  In contrast to the region that includes Hoar North, very little is known of this strange land other than it is far smaller.

Some brave sea captains have attempted a southerly voyage, but as the most southerly point of Bind is just north of the equator, the voyage has proved simply too difficult and the seas treacherous.

Open if you have read "The Fight For Dirt"

The discovery of land at Hoar South by Mistry and Eafa has possibly added to the mistry of the southern pole. 

The land they discovered was shaped as a near ring of considerable size, possibly two hundred leagues in diameter, that encompasses a frozen sea. Although not properly researched, it is thought that no major animal groups live on the landmass. 

The mountainous ring appears to have nothing above ten thousand feet in height with much of it lower. The entire region is locked in snow and ice all year round.

The sea around the landmass consists of many ice flow, some of which extend for some four hundred leagues north.  During the dragon exodus, many dragon used the ice flows to break their difficult journey and as a result it is thought that many more dragons survived the journey to Angyn than was feared by Mistry and Eafa.

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