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Characters D to F

The letter E is particularly notable within members of the family of which Weasel is a member, His name, given to him by his mother, being Eafa.

Other members of his family include Eofin (his great nephew), Eolin and Eiferra.  As a side note, there is some confusion as to why Moppy is named as she is and how it is known that she is his great niece. 

Other well known characters in this category include Elena, of course,  and Doritha, the farm girl turned archer who was famous for fighting with Pree during training.

Important Characters

Doritha Heel

(dohr-REE-thər heel)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Becomes one of the best archers in the army working with Martin Heel

Eafa Deahln

(ay-A-fər day-AHN)

Book: Dirt

Better known as Weasel, a long lived magician from Tepid Lakes

Edver Kellin


Book: Girls of Dirt

Edver Kellin was the king of Hertenesse and later became one of the most trusted representatives of the Cwendrina on Taken.

Eiferra Deahln

(ay-i-FEER-rər day-AHN)

Book: Girls of Dirt

The daughter of Eafa and also an Ancient, Eiferra struggled to say her name when a child and called herself Ferret. She has continued to use the name throughout her long life.



Book: Dirt

Greatly respected Sea Dragon and Fren of Bren-Aneirin. Born some four centuries before the birth of Farthing, she became elder at the dragon village at Wead-Wodder

Minor Characters



Book: Bloody Dirt

Brings Geezen and Fellina to Redust when they are children



Book: Mistry's Tale

Son of Shelli in the Black Hills



Book: Bloody Dirt

Regent of Heinelina, the western Prelates and guardian of the Empty Throne



Book: Hope

Works for Sebbon-Jipperson



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Former captain for Sir Henry

Deidre Farthing


Book: Dirt

Johnson and Rustina's mother



Book: Dirt

Wagon driver at the Hendesse Mines Pass in Hendesse



Book: Girls of Dirt

Farmer who lives with Sarana on the river Tennet



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Paired with Mab-Uten and close to Eofin.

Denno Been

(DAY-noh Been)

Book: Dirt

Blacksmith and brother of Melini



Book: Bloody Dirt

One of Martin's irregulars



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Customer in Fedal Swine Tavern



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works for Evana



Book: Girls of Dirt

Fisherman in Bay, Hope. Greg's brother



Book: Bloody Dirt

Famous and controversial magician



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works for the Haggerheads



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Thane put in power by Sir Revan



Book: The Fight For Dirt

A soldier under the command of Genta in Catagan



Book: Girls of Dirt

Fisherman based at Bay on the isle of Hope

Edin Harnon

(AY-din HAH-non)

Book: Dragons of Dirt

A herbalist who has a shop in Don, Sarn

Eirin Tevan


Book: The Fight For Dirt

Son of the duke of Delonshire

Eldar Harnon

(el-dah HAH-non)

Book: Dirt

Resident of Wead-Wodder



Book: Yona and the Beast

A calliston who was captured and maimed to become a Dummerhole. Subsequently taken to Wessen.

Elena Linland

(e-LAYN-ər Lin-Land)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Olive farmer in Gornenshire, wife of Tannon Linland



Book: Bloody Dirt

Stall holder in the Hive, Wead-Wodder



Book: Dirt

Dragon leader in Ponack. Weasels nephew by his brother of the same name. Father was a cook.



Book: Dirt

Distant relative of Weasel.



Book: Bloody Dirt

Assistant to the Mayor of Binnon

Evan Liander

(AIR-van lee-AN-dər)

Book: Girls of Dirt

Prince Evan, son of Hornan Liander

Evana Fortena

(ay-VAH-nər fohr-TAY-nər)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Daughter of Lord Fortena, administrator of Gornenshire.

Evlin Garton

(AY-və-lin GAH-ton)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Lord Garton of South Loden



Book: Bloody Dirt

Respected businessman in Wead Wodder, one of the first councilors



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Rider from Ponack, paired with Be-Lota



Book: Bloody Dirt

Councillor from New Cartenor



Book: Bloody Dirt

Wife of Gorestop Hearting and mother of Precious Hearting



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Young farmer from Middonan



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Rider, scout and Gellin's partner



Book: Bloody Dirt

Soldier in Pree's army, works with Doritha



Book: Dirt

Old cart pusher in The Wealle, Wead-Wodder



Book: Bloody Dirt

Bookkeeper working for the duke in Herondinshire



Book: Bloody Dirt

First of the young recruits - Sister to Henny

Finnen Chat


Book: Bloody Dirt

Fisherman in Wead-Wodder



Book: Hope

Fisherman in Deoram Ham



Book: Bloody Dirt

Irregular in Pree's Army who works undercover in Siinland



Book: Dirt

Captain of a slaver boat



Book: Bloody Dirt

Irregular under the command of Martin Heel



Book: Dirt

Seaman who works for Nathan Jipperson



Book: Bloody Dirt

Desert Dragon under the command of Be-Inua in The Prelates



Book: Bloody Dirt

Red Dragon and close friend of Bren-Hemon



Book: Bloody Dirt

Sea Dragon in Het Seborg, paired with Bren Attenin



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Green Sea Dragon in An-Hellern



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Mother to Be-Elin and Mab-Abin

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