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Letters and Documents

Although literacy is low amongst humans, many do write and exchange letters or make notes. 

Mistry became a great note taker as did Silvi many, many years later. Elena was a great writer and letter writer as was Pree.

Where full versions of their writing exists, some of them will be recorded here.

Mistry by Mab-Onin

The relationship between a desert dragon and their rider is strong and often far more than just a friendship. This is a poem written by Mab-Onin about Mistry

Poem to the Draig yr Anialr

A poem to the great Desert Dragon who has little tolerance for injustice. From on high, they see no borders, only those within the hearts of humans.

Pree's letter to Farthing

The letter Pree wrote to Farthing telling him of the place she had been staying

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