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Fren-EirolIf dragons are sometimes ambivalent about the importance of blood relatives and families, Fren-Eirol was one of those who felt very strongly about those she saw as "her" family.

Born on the coast in southern Cartenor, she first flew in her early twenties, and the young Be-Eirol took to travelling, finding herself in Taken where she met with Mab-Aneirin and his human friend Eafa.

The relationship between the large Draig Mynyth Coh and the highly opinionated Draig Morglas developed quickly into one of the more celebrated love affairs in the dragon people. Bren-Aneirin and Eafa were determined to halt the decline in human/dragon relations that they had seen over several centuries, and Fren-Eirol was a willing participant in the arguments at the Neauth and across the Prelates and Bind.

Distinctive for being larger than many Sea Dragons and with a unique white underbelly, she gained respect from those on both sides of the argument as a clear thinker and moderate speaker.

When Bren-Aneirin died, she was notably devastated, and the subsequent rift between her and Eafa resulted in her abandoning the argument and taking herself into isolation for many years before joining the dragon village at Wead-Wodder.

Despite the growing difficulties between human society and the dragon peoples, Fren-Eirol continued to cherish human relationships as well as dragon and she became firm friends with Geezen after she left Slypa Burh in Wead-Wodder and came into the dragon village looking for work.

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Although her growing matriarchal relationship with Mistry Jinx was viewed with gentle amusement by some, there is no question that it was important to both the dragon and the girl and, indeed, to Eafa. Though she always worried about Mistry, there is not doubt she and Eafa saw strengths in the girl that others perhaps missed and realised how important she was to both the War and to the relationships of the original companions.

Open if you have read "The Fight for Dirt"

It is not very clear why Fren-Eirol delayed her departure from Taken to attempt the flight to Angyn.  It is known that she and Bren-Diath had formed a close friendship in his last days, and she was concerned that Rustina, now living on Taken, had been abandoned by everyone.

But it has been suggested that she remained so late, becoming perhaps the last greater dragon on that side of Dirt, out of duty to Bren-Aneirin and Eafa.  It may be true to say that by helping to ensure that as many dragons as possibly had escaped the disease, and that they understood that as a final act some humans, especially in Bind, had helped in the care of those that succumbed, that she finally finished the work started by her two closest friends, repairing a little of the relations between Humans and Dragons.



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Character Details
  • Name: Fren-Eirol
  • Pron: fren-AIR-rol
  • People: Draig Morglas
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 400s
  • Location: Wead-Wodder
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