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Rustina Farthing

Rustina Farthing grew up in the slums of The Wealle, the poorest area of the town of Wead-Wodder in Redust.

Two years younger than her brother Johnson Farthing, rusty found work as a lowly general maid in the Prelate's Palace thanks to their family friend Geezen Truk, who also taught her to read and write enough to hold down the job on the island.

Although much smaller than her tall brother, she was always tough with a quick mind and a strong organisational ability.  She and her brother were always very protective and supportive of each other.

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Her enslavement by Tekkinmod left her with many emotional scars that she fought to come to terms with.  Her great friend Mistry was her strength in many ways but as the war progressed she became more and more reclusive, reluctant to leave Redust and spent much of the time living in a small cottage on her own in the tiny hamlet of Andefod rather than the cottage she had shared with Mistry in het Seborg. 

But it was her strength at organising the supply routes for Pree's Army that was not only vital to the fight but helped her cope with those traumatic times. It was commented by many that Farthing and Pree would never have been able to conduct the war as they did without Rustina and her team of wagoneers.

It has been noted that her dream was to return to Taken but would not consider doing so until she was no longer required to run the supply routes.  Following the war, she took ship for Taken within weeks and never returned to The Prelates.

Open if you have read "Girls of Dirt"

Neither Rustina nor her brother ever knew that she had been adopted as a baby since Johnson Farthing had only been two years old at the time and Geezen had insisted that she should never know.  Neither did she realise that she was of the line of the Cwendrina and being protected by Geezen and her brother. 

Though this was kept from her and she was deceived into thinking that Pree was the Cwendrina,  she lived out her final years peacefully outside Taken Town where she married Sam Sebbon and ran the large company of Sebbon-Jipperson for many years until her death after a short illness.   Following her death, Sam Sebbon moved to Axen with their daughter Keli.

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Character Details
  • Name: Rustina Farthing
  • Pron: ru-STEE-nər FAH-thing
  • Skill: Maid
  • People: Fe-Geir
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 17
  • Location: Wead-Wodder